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1st Day of Giving-November 27th

Canned Fruit and Vegetables

7th Day of Giving-December 5th

Canned Tuna, Chicken, Ham & Peanutbutter/Jam

2nd Day of Giving-November 28th

Pancake Mix and Syrup

8th Day of Giving-December 6th

Canned Soup, Zoodles, Chef Boyardee

3rd Day of Giving-November 29th

Pasta and Spaghetti Sauce

9th Day of Giving-December 7th

Rice & Kraft Dinner

4th Day of Giving-November30th

Cereal and Oatmeal

10th Day of Giving-December 8th

Snack Foods for Lunches

5th Day of Giving-December 1st

Sidekicks and Baked Beans

11th Day of Giving-December 11th

Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Shampoo Ect.

6th Day of Giving-December 4th

Crackers and Cookies

12th Day of Giving-December 12th

Juice Boxes and Juice (no glass bottles please)


Click the link below to order your school spiritwear.



There are times in Niagara when weather conditions are so poor that we must cancel student transportation, and/or close schools to preserve the safety of students and staff.

The decision to cancel transportation and/or close schools is not taken lightly; a variety of factors are considered when making this choice. To learn more about how these decisions are made, please go to https://www.dsbn.org/inclementweather.

Transportation Cancellations: Information about transportation delays and cancellations are posted to: https://portal.nsts.ca/Cancellations.aspx. When transportation is cancelled, every effort is made to communicate the decision by 6:00 am on the day of the cancellation. There are times when transportation is cancelled, but schools remain open. If, on those days you feel it is best for your child to stay home, please report your child’s absence https://dsbn.org/safearrival/ so we can make sure they are safe at home.

School Closures: When the decision to close schools is made, it refers to all schools: both in-person and remote/virtual learners. Every effort will be made to share school closure information before 6:00 am on the day of the school closure. You will find information on dsbn.org, all school websites, DSBN social media, and local media share the news widely as well.


Click the link below for workshop information.

Workshops (dsbn.org)



Jungle sport recognizes the importance of the natural method of physical education and has developed a modern climbing apparatus to give schools the ability to re-introduce these fundamental skills into their curriculum.

By learning to climb children learn improved coordination, core strength, and improved balance both on and off the playground.



At John Brant our Kindergarten programs take place in bright beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces. Our programs are designed to engage students and give them the time and attention they need to learn and grow. Each day is an adventure that is sure to delight!

For more information about our Kindergarten program please click the link below.

Kinder info


Niagara Region Child Care Registration Information.

Please click the link below.

Child Care



Keeping our School Safe and Healthy

If you have a child with a Prevalent Medical Condition (Anaphylaxis, Asthma, Diabetes, and/or Epilepsy) we want to make sure we have a current Plan of Care to support your child.  

The Plan of Care form is a new document that replaces the Emergency Action Plan. All parents of children with Prevalent Medical Conditions are asked to fill out the new Plan of Care and submit to the school.

You can download the forms here dsbn.org/prevalent-medical-conditions.

For more information, please contact the school.



Grand Opening - October 3, 2016

On Sunday October 2nd, Grade 7 and 8 students participated in the Landscape of Nations Ceremony at Queenston Heights. Here are some pictures from our special day!